Choose Tigertype as your trusted source for quality design and printing...among other things.

Tigertype is...

a few of my images

...well, basically, it’s just me, Carl Gosline. That’s me in the picture. You can get to know me on the about page.


Here’s what comes with working with me...

...or screen printed,
or rolled out on a web press, or using digital variable data,
or oversized, or mailings...what else ya got?
Exceptional customer care. Competitively priced.
 Ask for a quote.

...for print, for the web,

for biz, for personal.

 Photoshop acrobatics,

Indesign gyrations,

Illustrator illuminations.

Freelance gun for hire.
Has been known to pull
all-nighters. See more.

...SOHO network got you down? Word running really slowly? Time Machine stopped working? Can’t figure out iCloud sync?

I’m here to help.

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...I am an avid prosumer level photographer, with a couple of great cameras and a good eye for composition. My shots often provide me with source imagery for my design work, as well as inspiration and passion for practicing my ability to see the world through an artists eyes.

See more of my pix here.


...here’s what some of my clients have said about working with me.

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  • ...New Customer printing special

    For new customers, 20% off of your first
    printing order over  $300

  • ...prepaid discounted tutoring and consulting

    prepay for 4 hours with a 20% discount.

    ($224 instead of $280).

    on-site visits require 2 hour minimum sessions, and may incur
    travel expense fee. remote sessions have a one hour minimum.

portrait of Carl Gosline

...in a wide array of software, and Mac best practices.


...with patient, respectful, clearly spoken one-on-one or  small group instruction. Remote sessions available too.


• Adobe Photoshop

• Photoshop Elements

• Adobe Lightroom

• Adobe Indesign

• Adobe Illustrator


• Beginner to advanced intermediate Mac OS

and IOS instruction.


•  iPhoto, iMovie, Mail, Contacts, Calendar, iCloud, set up, clean up, back up.

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