the Tigertype “team”

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Carl - Founder and CEO of Tigertype

Carl created Tigertype in 1994 and has been operating it with zeal and integrity ever since. Creating and conducting his business with firmly rooted principles of honesty, integrity and an over arching desire to deliver exemplary customer service, these sound operating precepts are still in effect today.

Carl - Administrator

Fully responsible for all day to day business operations, Carl handles customer relations, outside sales, web site management and bookkeeping. He is a good listener and is skilled at interpreting your desires and offering you solutions that work

Carl - Creative Director and Lead Designer

Highly skilled in the major Adobe Creative Suite design applications, he practically lives inside Photoshop and InDesign. Occasionally defers work time until the wee hours in order to spend time with family or to take advantage of calls from friends such as “surf’s up!” or “wanna go see the Giants game this afternoon?”. However, deadlines always take precedence.

Carl - Estimator and Printing Broker

Utilizing professional estimating software designed for the printing trade, and calling on a nationwide  stable of trusted outside providers, Carl offers no-obligation printing estimates and stands behind high quality end products that are cost effective, all while removing your acquisition headaches. Speaks and translates printerese.

Carl - Tutor and Mac Consultant

Carl is an effective and well liked tutor of and consultant for all things Mac, as well as being a highly capable tutor in the major Adobe Creative Suite apps. His tutoring and consulting style is polite and non-judgemental and he delves into his broad base of experience and knowledge to deliver lessons and help in easy to understand language. His testimonials bear witness to this fact.