mac support and consulting

... and here is a partial list of Mac services I can offer to you.

tutoring for Macs

Intro to the Mac OS for new users

How to navigate your Mac with ease and without fear

Mac OS training for intermediate and advanced users

Mac OS X best practices

How to sync with iCloud

How to sync with iOS devices

Tutoring for iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes

Tutoring for Pages and Word

Using Time Machine

OS X shortcuts for greater efficiency

Advice on Set Up, Clean Up, Back Up

Training on how to customize your own Mac workspace

Advice on 3rd party free or cheap apps you can use to keep your Mac purring

general Mac support

Transitioning from PC to Mac

Migrating data from your older Mac

Assess and repair Mac OS software issues

Analysis and consultation regarding storage space

Analysis and consultation regarding Back Up strategies

Analysis and consultation regarding planned purchases

Identify and solve workflow bottlenecks

Analyze and optimize SOHO Networking issues

Troubleshoot and repair and/or restore damaged iPhoto libraries

Troubleshoot wireless device issues

Incorporating  third party time saving software and services that supercharge your workflow

Install RAM, hard drives, wireless devices

  • ... why I got into Mac Support


    At that time, independent Mac consultants were few and far between, and worse yet, their skill levels were often suspect. Frequently I would hire someone to help me get my computer back on track. They would come in, fiddle with my Mac for a couple of hours, charge me a couple of hundred bucks, and then when they left, I would find my Mac not only was NOT fixed, but was sometimes worse off than when they had arrived!


    I quickly realized that this was an untenable long term solution, and what I really needed to do was remove my dependence on outside vendors by learning how to fix my own Macs by myself. I approached this complicated task with my usual zeal, and thus embarked on a 20 plus years journey of learning that continues to this day.


    After about a decade into this learning path, I realized that I knew enough about the topic to start offering my knowledge to others as a paid consultant, which is a service I still offer today.