I did my first oil painting when I was 5 years old.

I have always loved to paint, when I pick up my brushes and get started, I am enveloped by the process, and I  shift into an altered state of mind, one of intense yet relaxed deep focus. I experience true tunnel vision, the only things visible to me are my tools, my palette and the canvas I am working on. Often when I get in this mind set, many hours pass by without me remembering that there is a world around me, I forget to eat, I forget to look at the clock, I fail to notice that the sun went down four hours ago.

 When digital painting arrived and then continued to evolve, I was excited to have a new medium to explore and employ within my toolset. Admittedly, even though painting digitally allows you to mix  and apply your paints in very similar ways to real painting behavior, it doesn’t allow you to smell the paint, at least not yet! Most of the time that I paint now it is in Photoshop, or other painting applications.

painting and illustration