... and here is a partial list of topics and techniques that I teach with proficiency.

tutoring for Macs

Intro to the Mac OS for new users

Intro to the Mac OS for PC switchers

How to navigate your Mac with ease and without fears

How to customize your own Mac workspace

Mac OS training for intermediate and advanced users

Mac OS X best practices

OS X Shortcuts for greater efficiency

How to use Time Machine

How to sync with iCloud

How to sync with iOS devices

Tutoring for iMovie, iPhoto, iTunes

Tutoring for Pages and Word

Set Up, Clean Up, Back Up Advice

tutoring for graphics

Beginner to advanced Photoshop

Beginner to advanced InDesign

Beginner to advanced Illustrator

Beginner to advanced Lightroom

Imaging editing techniques

File resolution and color space theory and application

File formats differences

Vector versus raster file differences

Image optimization theory and techniques

Techniques for conversion from color to grayscale

Color correction techniques

Color space and color calibration info

Masking and compositing techniques

Using layers, understanding stacking order

Layer blending options

Making selections

Using smart objects

Using filters on images

Book design and layout

Using paragraph, character and object styles

Table of Contents creation

Chapter and Page Number management

Indexing and Cross Referencing

Web design instruction

Template creation

Digital asset management

Managing text heavy publications

Managing graphics heavy publications


  • ... what led me into Tutoring

    Both of my parents were educators, my father was the head of the history department at my high school ( I even had him for US History ... that was weird) and my mother taught English to non-English speaking adults. I never considered that someday I would enjoy teaching as much as they did.


    And now years later, I’ve become a teacher too, and I love doing it, perhaps it is genetic after all. I have a deep store of knowledge about Macs, and many of the apps and services that Apple provides with its operating system, as well as many third party apps. In addition, through years of doing computer graphics for print and the web, I have accumulated levels of skill with design apps that allow me to help people learn the apps through my tutoring, whether they are starting from scratch, or already skilled and wishing to improve.


    Personally, I am easy going and I have a good sense of humor. I teach in easy to comprehend plain English. Although I know a lot of techno speak mumbo jumbo, you will rarely hear it in sessions with me. My tutoring style is laid back and non-judgemental. I can impart knowledge slowly or quickly, depending on what my student needs. I am skilled at rephrasing when particular concepts seem difficult to grasp. My method begins with the introduction of fundamental knowledge and tools, and then builds additional knowledge on top of that framework by moving into more complicated tasks, whether it be navigating your Mac more efficiently, or placing your Photoshop images inside your Indesign document alongside your placed Illustrator vector logo.


    A promise of satisfaction: if you decide to take classes with me, and if at the end of any session you are unhappy with the quality and content of my tutoring, the charge will be waived!